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Golden Circle is a leading supplier of quality fruit, vegetable & juice products to Australian families. Discover our delicious range of products made under the sun.
Golden Circle has a proud history in Australia, dating back to 1947 when the Golden Circle Cannery was opened in Northgate Queensland. Canning and juicing production included processing of fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, beetroot, corn, sweetcorn, peas, tropical fruit salad into canned fruit and vegetables, bottled juice, drinks, cordial, chilled fruit, long life juice. Golden Circle is famous for delicious Australian recipes utilising our ever popular canned pineapple and canned beetroot. Heinz Australia, who purchased Golden Circle in December 2008 has continued this recipe tradition, and expanded and grown the Golden Circle brand in Australian and overseas.

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    For a whole variety of dishes from quick and easy salads and dips, to crisp tarts and quiches, a truly decadent chocolate cake and fresh and fast meals suitable for the warmer months, or hearty meals for winter.

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  • Explore our range of highest quality products made under the sun.


    Explore our delicious range of highest quality products made under the sun.

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    Discover exciting new ways to use your favourite Golden Circle products with our tasty new recipes.

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    About Us

    Find out where Golden Circle came from, who we are, and how we're building a sustainable future.

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    Discover Golden Circle products made specifically to meet the needs of our food service customers.

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