Windowsill Garden
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Windowsill Garden

Golden Circle brings you another fun and crafty idea!! These windowsill garden pots are the perfect way to not only recycle your cans but to add character and nature to your home. You choose the colours of paint, the design and even the plants you want. This is a fun nature-inspired activity that the whole family can get involved with!



1.Take your empty cans and, using the sandpaper, sand the sharp edges of the can opening back

2. Taking your choice of paints, starting painting the can in a base colour and let dry. 

3. Once dry, go in with a different paint colour and paint a design of your choosing. Let dry. 

4. Once dry, fill the bottom of the can with top soil and then plant the herb or seedling into the tin. If there are empty gaps, top up with top soil. 

  TIP: Aerate and separate some of the roots before planting to help growth 

5. Water and place on the windowsill for natural light. Watch your plants grow!

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