Meet the Sprouts
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Meet the Sprouts

This crafty idea is perfect for busying those kids over holidays or as a weekend activity. It is so simple to put together, it's interactive and allows the re-use of the Golden Circle bottles. Fill your backyard, windowsills or outdoor settings with these fun and customisable Sprouts characters. It's even more fun to name them and, once the grass grows, give them different haircuts!! Your kids will love this crafty idea from Golden Circle.



1. Cut the Golden Circle Juice bottle in half and keep the bottom half. Unscrew the green lid and keep that for later.

2. First, stick on the eyebrows and google eyes in a way that suits you. You can design your eyebrows however you want.

3. Pick up the green lid and using the PVC, glue the cotton balls to the inside. Leave to dry. 

4. Once the PVC has dried, PVC the entire filled out cap to the bottle to represent the nose. 

5. Cut out desired mouth and optional mustache, beard or goatee with the coloured paper and stick on as desired. 

6. Fill with soil and top with grass seeds. 

7. Sprinkle with water frequently and watch the grass seeds grow! 

 Soon you will be meeting the sprouts!!

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