Juicy Walkie Talkies
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Juicy Walkie Talkies

This crafty idea is perfect for busying those kids over holidays or as a weekend activity.The juice boxes make for a fun and interactive way to get those kids running around outside through their walkie talkies!



1. Take a Golden Circle Juice Drink Box and remove the straw.

2. Take a coloured piece of paper and measure out a box template as shown in the video for the juice box. Use a pencil to mark lines and then cut those unused areas out. 

3. Take the paper box template and ensure it wraps around the juice box neatly. 

4. Now cut a small section from the top paper tab to allow a gap for the straw to be popped in.

5. Once this has been cut out, glue the paper around the juice box and leave to dry.

6. Take a different coloured rectangular piece of paper and cut to a size smaller than the front of the juice box. 

7. Using a marker, draw on walkie talkie details and glue that to the front of the box. 

8. Pop the straw into the juice access point of the box and you're ready to go, over!

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