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To find answers to some of your frequently asked questions, please click through to our FAQs page.

Do you add sugar to your beverages ?

It does vary from product to product, so you will find that a lot of our juices don't contain added sugar, and to be sure look out for a ‘no added sugar’ claim on the pack. However our Fruit Drinks and Cordials do contain some added sugar. Please check the ingredients list on the label to be sure.

I've heard reports that juice is unhealthy and high in sugar. Is this true ?

Fruit juice contains sugar naturally occurring from the fruit. Based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, fruit juice can contribute to your daily fruit intake. However, you should only consume juice in moderation as part of a balanced diet which should also predominately include whole fruit. Also, as part of the Dietary Guidelines, they recommend that it is best to consume fruit juice containing no added sugar. So look out for a "no added sugar" claim on pack or alternatively please check the ingredients list to see if sugar is declared.

Is the packaging BPA free ?

Some of Golden Circle's cans have minute amounts of BPA at levels that meet the global standards including the FDA in the U.S. and European Regulatory requirements. According to Food Standards Australia New Zealand, exposure to BPA at the low levels that it appears in food packaging poses no health risk for consumers. As well as complying with all relevant government regulations, we continue to monitor new developments in food packaging, scientific assessments and consumer concerns in relation to BPA, to make sure that our products remain of the highest and safest quality for our consumers.

Some of your products aren't Australian made.

Our Golden Circle juice range is manufactured right here in Australia from a blend of imported and/or local ingredients. Please check the label for the correct country of origin statement for your product.

Is your product Australian made/owned ?

Golden Circle was acquired by Heinz Australia in 2008, however we continue to manufacture juice here in Australia. Our Golden Circle juice range is made in Australia from a blend of imported and/or local ingredients. Please check the label for the correct country of origin statement for your product.

Where do your vegetables come from ?

Like all our products we take great pride in sourcing the very best ingredients for you. However, we routinely explore alternative growers (locally and globally) as part of an ongoing review of ingredient sourcing.

Where does your fruit come from? Are all fruit used in Golden Circle juices grown in Australia ?

Sourcing of ingredients will vary depending on the availability. While we endeavour to source ingredients from Australia it can sometimes be challenging mainly dependant on the shortfall of local produce. Regardless of where ingredients are sourced from, all the ingredients that we use are required to go through our rigorous Quality checks and controls to ensure that the quality and taste of our products are not impacted.

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