Pineapple Exotique
Pineapple Exotique

Pineapple Exotique

Lets Make It


Drain juice from pineapple slices add water to make 2 cupfuls and pour into saucepan. Stir in gelatine, place over low heat, stirring until gelatine is dissolved – do not boil. Cool, chill until cold and syrupy.   Pour a thin layer into round cake pan, chill until firm. Dip pineapple slices in syrup and arrange on this. Chill again.   Add sliced bananas to remaining pineapple jelly and when pineapple jelly is firm, spoon bananas and jelly over pineapple. Chill.   Prepare strawberry jelly according to directions on packet, chill till cold and syrupy, then pour into mould over banana layer. Chill till firm. Unmould.   Serve with cream, chilled custard or ice cream.
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