Pineapple-Capped Pudding
Pineapple-Capped Pudding

Pineapple-Capped Pudding

Lets Make It


Sift flour and salt in basin, add prepared suet, castor sugar and breadcrumbs. Make well in centre and pour in sufficient milk to give a soft dropping consistency.    Place 2 tablespoons drained crushed pineapple in base of pudding mould and sprinkle with brown sugar. Spoon batter on top, filling basin two-thirds full. Top with greased greaseproof paper and place on lid.   Steam in boiling water for 2 hours or until done. Untold on serving dish and serve warm with pineapple sauce.   (Alternatively, a sponge pudding mixture with butter and eggs can be used.)   Pineapple Sauce   Mix 1 dessertspoon arrowroot or cornflour with a little of the pineapple liquid. Put remainder of pineapple and liquid in saucepan, heat well and then stir in arrowroot or cornflour mixture, stirring constantly until sauce boils and thickens. Pour over unmoulded pudding before serving. Serve hot.    Serves 4-6.
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