Pineapple Cream Cones
Pineapple Cream Cones

Pineapple Cream Cones

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Combine butter, sugar, flour and vanilla, beat well to form a smooth batter. Whip egg whites until stiff, carefully fold into batter. Place 2 heaped teaspoonsful of mixture on to greased tray, spread mixture into a thin 10cm circle.   Bake 220°C for 4-5 minutes, until edges become light golden brown.   Note: cook only 2 circles at a time as they cool quickly, and when cool are difficult to roll. If difficulty is experienced when rolling cones, replace in oven for a few seconds. Lift from side with spatula and QUICKLY roll into a cone shape, stand in the top of a milk bottle for a few seconds to allow cones to crispen. Repeat until all mixture is used.   Combine whipped cream and pineapple, pipe into cold cones just before serving.   Makes 24.   Cones will stand for 1-1½ hours filled. Store unfilled cones in airtight container – will keep for a few weeks.
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